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Whisper Hearing Centers has been providing quality hearing healthcare to Indianapolis and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. Each of our audiologists is licensed in the state of Indiana and certified by the American Academy of Audiology and/or the American Speech and Hearing Association. All of our audiologists hold a master’s or doctorate degree in audiology.

At Whisper Hearing Centers, you get a team of professionals that is completely dedicated to your hearing health. They are highly-trained and experienced in the testing, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. Should you need more advanced medical treatment, Whisper Hearing Centers is backed by the physicians and surgeons at Otolaryngology Associates.



“My hearing is extremely important. I have always known it, but when I realized that a co-worker of mine was actually missing parts of conversations, that did it. I made up my mind that if I ever noticed even a hint…”

Bernie Eagan, B105.7

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“Whisper Hearing Centers gave me one of my major senses back! I can’t even imagine someone not wanting to improve upon their ability to hear and enjoy life. As my audiologist was teaching me how to insert the hearing aid, I could… ”

Vickie P.

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