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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Instrument Features and Technology

Modern hearing instruments can help improve even the most challenging hearing loss. We work with each person to determine your lifestyle needs and which features will work best for you. We also work with the world’s top hearing device manufacturers to bring you cutting edge technology and features.

Some important features to consider when looking for new hearing devices include:

Automatically adjusting devices:
This greatly reduces the need for the patient to change the volume or program.

Binaural (both ears) Synchronization:
Using both your ears together as a single system, imitates the way normal hearing works to help improve your understanding of speech.

Bluetooth Compatibility:
Bluetooth technology uses a small accessory to connect you wirelessly to other devices such as your phone, your computer or your car.

Directional Microphones:
This feature helps you understand speech in background noise by amplifying the speech in front of you while minimizing the loudness of noise behind you.

Feedback Cancellation Systems:
Feedback Cancellation systems help eliminate or minimize feedback that can be caused by the hearing device itself. Additionally, a good fit and the right hearing device for your loss are essential.

Noise Reduction Systems:
These systems help you hear speech in noisy environments by minimizing background noise that you do not want to hear.

Speech Enhancement:
Speech Enhancement features work to recognize subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds. It helps enhance your ability to distinguish between speech sounds and improves clarity.

Tinnitus Management:
If you experience tinnitus, newer hearing devices may help reduce the ringing in your ears. Modern devices feature additional programs to help reduce stress and tinnitus by adding computer generated music or select sounds.

Wind Reduction:
This feature can help reduce the sound of wind during activities you enjoy. It suppresses the wind noise and continues to amplify speech.


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