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What? I Can’t Hear You
5 simple solutions for why your hearing aid might not be working.

There are many reasons why your hearing aid might stop working. Maybe the volume is turned down. Maybe the battery is dead. Or maybe your hearing has changed. Whatever the reason, or reasons, at Whisper Hearing Centers we’ll work with you to discover the problem and find a solution quickly. But, before you make an appointment to have your hearing aid checked, there are some basic at-home troubleshooting suggestions you can try. Here are five simple solutions to why your hearing aid might not be working correctly.


Troubleshooting for when your hearing aid stops working

  1. When was the last time you changed the battery? The life of a hearing aid battery varies greatly depending on the hearing aid style, brand, and whether or not you use streaming technology for your phone, TV or other devices. A receiver-in-canal aid battery on average lasts between six to eight days, with a 13-hour per day wear. Additionally, check that the batteries are in correctly and that there is no excess buildup on the battery contacts.

  3. Does your hearing aid have a wax guard? It’s very common for hearing aids to become blocked, either partially or fully, with ear wax. If your device has a wax guard, replace it with a clean, unused one. If not, check your manual for proper cleaning instructions.

  5. Sometimes hearing aids can slip out of place. Check that it inserted properly and secure. If you have a behind-the-ear device, check the tubing to make sure it is clear of debris and intact.

  7. Some hearing aids have multiple settings for different environments. Check that the hearing aids are at the appropriate volume and setting.

  9. Is it possible your hearing aid got wet? Either from accidental exposure or from moisture in your ear canal. If so, follow the manufacturer’s guide for how to appropriately dry the device.


If none of these troubleshooting solutions work, call and set an appointment with an audiologist at Whisper Hearing Centers. We may be able to repair your device. If not, we can facilitate the repair with the manufacturer. And if we discover that your device is working properly, we’ll examine your ear for blockage or other issues that might be causing the problem. Together, we can find a solution to get you hearing better in no time.

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