Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

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The New Year is an exciting time to reflect and set goals. Committing to protecting your hearing health is a great way to invest in your wellness. You can start with the simple step of scheduling an appointment for a hearing test!

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are the most common way hearing loss is treated. These are electronic devices that are designed to detect, amplify, and process speech as well as sound. This provides the auditory system – ears and brain – with much-needed support, offering countless benefits including: 

  • Improves communication. Hearing aids help the ears and brain absorb and process incoming sound. This alleviates hearing loss symptoms and maximizes hearing ability. With hearing aids, people have greater bandwidth to hear and communicate. Hearing others more clearly and being able to readily respond enables people to navigate conversations smoothly. Conversations no longer feel like frustrating interactions where you miss parts of what someone says. This improves communication and restores the ease and delight of talking to others. 
  • Strengthens relationships. Communication is key for healthy relationships. Hearing aids support people spending quality time with loved ones, having fun and light conversations, and engaging in the day-to-day communication that is important in relationships. This creates more space for intimacy and closeness which strengthens connections. 
  • Supports an active social life. Social withdrawal is a common effect of untreated hearing loss. Because communication becomes difficult, people often retreat from social interactions. The treatment alleviates symptoms that prevent dynamic engagement. Hearing aids provide ample support in all types of environments including social spaces where there tend to be higher levels of noise. People are better able to have conversations with multiple people, participate in social activities, and be their full selves. 
  • Enhances overall health. Hearing aids also improve overall health in a few critical ways. Substantial research shows that untreated hearing loss increases the risk of experiencing additional health issues including cognitive decline, depression, and accidental injuries. Hearing aids alleviate these health risks by strengthening cognitive functions and improving brain health. Additionally, improved relationships and enhanced communication restores connections and boosts mental health. 

Treating hearing loss can fundamentally change your life. These benefits highlight how treatment profoundly contributes to greater quality and experience of daily life. 

How To Address Hearing Loss

Acknowledging changes to hearing health can be challenging which often contributes to a delay in seeking treatment. It takes an average of 7 years to address hearing loss from the onset of symptoms. Putting off treating hearing loss can not only worsen impairment but can take a toll on various aspects of one’s life. Intervening early and being as productive as possible can profoundly help you transition into better hearing. Understanding the treatment process and knowing what you can expect can alleviate any stress or anxiety you may feel.  

The first step is to schedule an appointment for a hearing test that is painless and noninvasive. Facilitated by a hearing healthcare specialist, hearing tests involve a process of hearing different sounds played at various pitches and indicating what you can detect. This measures the softest sounds you can hear, establishing your hearing thresholds. Your results highlight any hearing loss present and the degree of impairment in both ears. Once this information is identified, your hearing healthcare provider can discuss effective treatment options that will optimally meet your hearing needs. 

With such a wide range of hearing aids available, we will recommend specific devices that can best integrate into your life and maximize your hearing capacity. There are several types of hearing aids with sleek designs, exciting technologies, and innovative features that allow these devices to enrich your daily life. We work with leading manufacturers and have extensive knowledge about their hearing aid models, allowing us to recommend the device that is best for you!

Prioritize Your Health Today with Our Hearing Specialists

The New Year offers a great fresh start and opportunity to make positive changes. Committing to your hearing health is a fantastic goal to set. You can do this with ease by scheduling an appointment for a hearing test. Our practice is committed to supporting you on your hearing health journey. Call us today to learn more!