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If you love someone with a hearing loss, you know that it can cause frustration for both of you. You may get exhausted after repeating yourself so many times. They may feel just as frustrated with not being able to hear you. For many people, hearing aids are life-changing. So why is it that those who have a hearing loss and have access to hearing aids choose not to wear them? Here are some of the most common reasons people don’t wear their hearing aids.

They think their hearing aids are too difficult to care for.

A hearing aid is a delicate piece of technology. Properly cared for, it can last for years. However, like any intricate device, a hearing aid requires regular maintenance to perform properly.

Hearing aids come into contact with dirt and debris, condensation, and ear wax on a daily basis. It’s important to clean and dry the hearing aid components regularly. In addition, most devices require a new battery every 3-8 days. Batteries are an ongoing and essential part of hearing aid use, and many hearing aid wearers must remember to purchase batteries frequently.

Although these maintenance tasks are necessary, some hearing aid users find them burdensome. Thus, they choose not to wear their devices to avoid having to maintain them. However, there are solutions that make these daily maintenance tasks easier.

For example, some modern devices come with a hearing aid dryer, or dehumidifier, to help combat moisture. You can also purchase a hearing aid dryer as a separate accessory. Condensation can cause the hearing aid to perform erratically or stop functioning altogether, so avoiding moisture is essential. Having access to a drying case will ensure that the receiver will be protected from daily exposure to sweat and moisture.

If remembering to purchase and replace hearing aid batteries is a problematic task for the wearer, there are several types of rechargeable hearing aids that are on the market today. Many devices can reach a full charge in only 3-4 hours.

Their hearing aids are uncomfortable.

Comfort of any worn item is important, and hearing aids are no exception. The bulky, ill-fitting hearing aids of the past are especially known for being uncomfortable. Today, however, there are sleeker, more modern, hearing aids available that are comfortable to wear all day. Even people who wear glasses often find that many of these modern hearing aids are comfortable for them.

They find their hearing aids embarrassing.

Embarrassment and a perceived social stigma can prevent someone from wearing their hearing aids. If your loved one is embarrassed by the look of their device, a new, more modern device may help their attitude toward it. Many new devices are smaller, less noticeable, and come in a variety of colors to better blend in with the wearer’s skin and hair color.

However, despite these advances in technology and design, a hearing aid wearer may still feel embarrassed by their need for a hearing aid. If this is what is preventing your loved one from wearing their hearing aid, encourage them to talk to friends and family about how hearing aids have helped them. When their friends and family understand how hearing aids have helped, they may feel more relaxed and less embarrassed. Speaking with another hearing aid user who holds a positive view of hearing aids may also help.

They don’t think their hearing aids are making a difference.

As you probably know, hearing can change with age. If your loved one hasn’t had their hearing tested in the last few years, it’s possible that the severity of their hearing loss has changed. This may render their hearing aids virtually useless to them. Encourage them to visit their audiologist to have their hearing tested, and to reprogram their hearing aids. Some small adjustments could make a world of a difference.

They think their hearing aids make using the phone and other devices more difficult.

Talking on the phone can be a difficult task for many people with a hearing loss. The latest hearings have been made to connect directly to a phone, tablet, computer, television, even some vehicles! They essentially work like headphones, streaming the sound from the phone directly into the hearing aid. If this is what is preventing your loved one from wearing their hearing aid, encourage them to talk to their audiologist about a more modern device with Bluetooth capabilities.

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It’s important that the hearing aid user is comfortable with their device. With so many advancements in hearing aid technology, finding the right hearing aid can be overwhelming. At Whisper Hearing Centers, we listen to your needs and address your concerns. We want to make sure you are fitted with the right device to change your life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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