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Accessories & Assistive Devices

Quality hearing instruments are the foundation for improved communication for many people who have hearing loss. There are some situations that can be improved even more such as talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to music, or talking in the car. Whisper Hearing Centers offer a variety of solutions that work with your hearing instruments offering wireless access to modern communication and media devices. Hearing aid accessories allow communication to be even more free and spontaneous in everyday interactions; they boost your hearing aids’ performance and keep you connected.

Bluetooth technology

  • Provide remote control for hearing devices
  • Links to most cell phones creating a hands-free device
  • Transforms hearing devices to headphones for music

TV Adapter

  • TV audio is streamed to user’s hearing devices via Bluetooth technology
  • Turns hearing devices into a wireless TV headset with stereo sound quality

Digital Enhanced Cordless Phone

  • Cordless home phone designed for people with hearing loss
  • Streams conversation to both hearing aids for maximum speech understanding

Phone Adapter

  • Makes existing landline phones Bluetooth compatible
  • Transforms hearing aids into a wireless hands-free headset

Remote Microphone

  • Conversation partner wears clip-on microphone that connects to hearing device user’s devices
  • Filters out surrounding noise then transmits partner’s voice wirelessly to Bluetooth technology
  • Improves the signal-to-noise ratio for difficult listening situations

Remote Control

  • Wirelessly controls functions of a hearing aid
  • Also available as an APP function on most cell phones

FM Systems

  • When hearing aids are not enough, FM systems enable users to hear and understand better than before
  • Feature discreet wireless microphones worn by the person speaking transmitting sound to hearing devices of the listener

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