Untreated Hearing Loss May Interfere with Your Relationships

Untreated Hearing Loss May Interfere with Your Relationships

In Communication, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Christa N. Smith, Au.D., CCC-A

Christa N. Smith, Au.D., CCC-A

Hearing loss can make it challenging to follow conversations or connect with loved ones. It makes you ask people to repeat themselves or give up since you just can’t understand what was said. It’s important to remember that your hearing loss doesn’t just affect you. When hearing loss leads to poor communication it interferes with your relationships.

Hearing Loss Can Strain Relationships

Untreated hearing loss can create a lot of stress, particularly between you and your partner. Small interactions that used to bring you closer together may become a source of misunderstanding or conflict. Hearing loss can cause feelings of frustration on both sides. It can also lead to embarrassment and stress. If you have hearing loss, you have a hard time sharing small talk, observations, or deeper conversations.

Relationships are Built on Communication

Communication really is the key to strong and healthy relationships. Daily communication with your loved one brings you closer together, resolves conflict, and brings you joy. While some of these interactions may seem trivial, the truth is that it’s these little moments that make a great relationship.

Hearing loss can interfere with communication and damage your relationship. When communication breaks down, you may feel frustrated and alone. Over time, resentment creeps in and drives out communication and intimacy. Hearing loss can lead to feelings of loneliness for both partners. 

Hearing Loss can Lead to Some Negative Emotions

If you have hearing loss, you and your partner may experience several negative emotions. Some of these can include:

  • Frustration that you always ask your partner to repeat themselves
  • Fewer opportunities to joke and laugh together
  • Resentment for the person with hearing loss for being left out of conversations 
  • Resentment from the partner for always having to interpret for the partner with hearing loss
  • Reduced social activities and social withdrawal since it’s too hard to communicate
  • Feelings of loneliness and lack of companionship

Hearing Aids Can Improve Relationships

The good news is that hearing aids can help you hear. Not only do they make it easier to follow conversations, but they can also improve your relationships. By bridging the communication gap, you and your partner can regain the closeness you may have lost. 

Hearing Aids Reduce Miscommunication

Hearing aids can reduce miscommunication. Rather than asking what someone said or guessing at what was said and living in confusion, hearing aids can decrease miscommunications. Rather than feeling frustrated or fighting over a miscommunication, you’ll be able to hear what was said the first time. This simple change can make a huge difference.

Hearing Aids Decrease Frustration

If you can hear more the first time, both you and your partner will have less frustration. You won’t feel frustrated that you can’t hear, and your partner won’t feel frustrated that you’re asking them to repeat themselves again. You’ll also hear more clearly at social events or family dinners, so your partner won’t get frustrated explaining what’s being said. 

Hearing Aids Let You Have Real Conversations

Have you been avoiding talking to your loved one? Maybe you’ve both kept words to a minimum because conversations have become too difficult. Hearing aids can help you have a real conversation with your partner. You can bridge the distance between you with better communication.

Hearing Aids Let You Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Needs

If you’ve been living with untreated hearing loss, you may have been missing a few signs that your partner needed support. Living with hearing loss is taxing, but it’s also hard to support a loved one with hearing loss. When you wear hearing aids, your partner won’t need to offer as much support. They’ll appreciate the effort you’re making to improve your hearing, and they’ll feel encouraged when you’re also doing your part to improve communication.

Treat Hearing Loss to Improve Your Relationships

Don’t let your relationships suffer because you have hearing loss. Instead, find the hearing aids that will help you hear during conversations with your loved one. Hearing aids make it easier to hear and they can improve your quality of life. With better communication and more energy, you’ll find new ways to enjoy life with your family and friends.

If you’re having a hard time communicating, visit us today and find your next hearing aids!