Dizziness and imbalance can slow you down or stop you altogether preventing you from feeling your best, or even driving or walking safely. Most people don’t know these problems are experienced by as many as 40 percent of adults and even fewer realize that they can be treated successfully.

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Balance Point

Balance Point is our comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation center for people experiencing dizziness and imbalance for a variety of reasons. At Balance Point, we provide high quality, comprehensive balance evaluations to fully assess the function of your vestibular system (the balance organ in the inner ear). At your appointment, we will evaluate your history, discuss your concerns, perform appropriate evaluations, and provide recommendations to address your concerns.

Dizziness and imbalance are not normal parts of aging and they’re not something to just put up with.

No matter what your age or other medical issues, Dr. Copeland and our highly experienced audiologists can assess your situation, run appropriate tests, and develop a specific plan of care to help you feel better.
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The Balance Point Team

Leading the center is Dr. Benjamin Copeland, M.D., Ph.D., one of a few board-certified neurotologists in the state of Indiana. Neurotology is a sub-specialty of otolaryngology (Ear Nose Throat) and focuses on the neurology and neurosurgery of the ear. This highly specialized area includes the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of balance disorders.

Our Balance team takes a multidisciplinary approach to what is usually a multi-faceted problem. Imbalance and dizziness often are not due to one but rather several causes. Together, these causes that in isolation might seem insignificant can result in dizziness, loss of balance and stability, and thus a lowered quality of life. All patients must have a referral from a physician for balance disorder testing.

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