Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices

assistive listening devices
Hearing clearly starts with excellent hearing aids that will let you effortlessly connect with the people around you. Quality hearing instruments are the foundation for improved communication and clear hearing. Along with hearing devices, hearing accessories and assistive devices can help you hear in tough listening situations, and ensure you hearing each and every sound in your environment.
There are some listening situations that can be improved with a hearing accessory, and you can overcome listening challenges with assistive devices that will make it easier to hearing on the phone, watch TV, listen to music, or talk in the car. Hearing aid accessories allow communication to be even more free and spontaneous in everyday interactions as they boost your hearing aid performance and keep you connected. Whisper Hearing Centers offers a variety of solutions that work alongside your hearing instruments to offer the best in hearing.

Bluetooth Technology

Modern technology can offer the best in wireless access to your modern hearing aids, and you can easily connect to all the devices you use every day. With Bluetooth technology, your hearing aids can be seamlessly connected to your TV, computer, phone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. You’ll be able to use your hearing aids like wireless headphones for the best in music listening and connectivity features, hear the TV, or use your devices as a hands-free headset.
remote control

Remote Controls

With Bluetooth technology you’ll have discreet control of your devices and can use a remote-control app on your phone to adjust settings or change between programs and settings. If you don’t have connectivity but you’re tired of fiddling with the tiny buttons on your device, you can get a remote-control accessory to easily change between programs, adjust the volume, and find the settings that will help you hear clearly.
woman talking on the phone

Talking on the Phone

With Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices, you’ll be able to effortlessly hear every word during phone conversations. With a digital enhanced cordless home phone, or your cell phone, you can use your hearing aids as a hands-free headset, and all the audio from your phone will be streamed directly to both your hearing aids for great sound quality and maximum speech understanding.

You can also use an assistive listening phone or a phone adaptor to connect your hearing aids to your phone and transform your hearing aids into a wireless hands-free headset. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your loved ones over the phone, and this assistive listening device is extremely popular with anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone.

tv connector

Connecting to your TV

Do you struggle to hear the TV? Even with your hearing aids, you find yourself turning up the volume too high, or watching all your shows with subtitles. One hearing accessory that can change the way you watch TV is a wireless or plug-in accessory that can connect your devices directly to the TV. The television audio will be streamed right to your hearing devices, and you’ll get great stereo sound quality.
loud crowd

Conversations in Challenging Listening Environments

Do you struggle to follow conversations in background noise, and feel like you need a bit more help to hear? You can use an FM assistive listening system to help you hearing clearly, and easily catch every word. This assistive device features a wireless microphone your speaking partner can clip to their clothing. The sound of their voice will be transmitted directly to your hearing aids, cutting out all the annoying background noise that makes it hard to hear. You could also place the mic in the center of the table, and you’ll hear all the voices you want to hear streamed right to your ears, and enjoy less background noise interference.
cleaning a hearing aid

Cleaning Tools

Another important set of hearing aids accessories are your cleaning tools. To get the most out of your devices, improve sound quality, and increase the lifespan of your devices, daily cleaning is absolutely essential. Be sure you have the cleaning tools you need to keep your devices clean and dry, free of earwax, and safe from damage. Get a small, soft cleaning brush for hard to reach places, a soft, dry cloth, a small pick to clean the sound ports and battery compartments, and a dehumidifier to keep your devices dry.
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