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Hearing Evaluation

Adult Hearing Evaluations

At your initial appointment, we will perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation in order to determine the cause of your hearing difficulties and rule out serious health conditions that need medical attention. We will take the time to clearly explain the results to you, and send a comprehensive written report to your referring physician. If we find that you do have a hearing loss, and could benefit from amplification, then we will make an appropriate recommendation of treatment options for you.

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Through the use of advanced diagnostic equipment, we are able to perform accurate, comprehensive hearing evaluations on most children of all ages. We will modify behavioral test protocols based on the individual child’s responsiveness, and we work to make the hearing evaluation a fun, positive experience for all.

Tinnitus Evaluations

Tinnitus evaluations consist of a comprehensive diagnostic test battery. Tinnitus handicap questionnaires are also administered to assess the effect of the patient’s tinnitus on his/her daily life. Tinnitus coping strategies are discussed and individual recommendations are made including medical referrals as indicated.


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