Hearing Aid Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Your hearing aid is designed to make your life easier. From cleaning and maintenance to technology and lifestyle, finding the right hearing aid accessories can make your hearing experience even better.

Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories

Regular cleaning, along with routine maintenance from your audiologist will keep your hearing aids working properly for longer. There are a few common tools that will make your nightly hearing aid cleaning routine easier.

Cleaning Brush

Use the soft brush tip end of a cleaning brush to clean the body, faceplate, or sound port of your hearing aid. Some brushes have a handy magnetic battery removal tool to aid in cleaning the battery compartment.

Wax Pick or Wire Loop

Designed to help safely remove wax and other debris from your hearing aid, a wax pick or wire look are a helpful addition to your hearing aid accessory bag.


A multitool is an all-in-one, versatile tool which contains both a cleaning brush and a wax loop for thorough cleaning with just one tool.

Hearing Aid Case

Many hearing aids come with a protective case so you can safely carry your hearing aids with you during travel or store them at night. These cases prevent additional dust and debris from finding it way into your device.


If you live in a humid climate, enjoy lots of outdoor activity, or tend to perspire heavily, a dehumidifier is an accessory that may be helpful for you. Condensation can damage and corrode the delicate components of your hearing aid. Using a dehumidifier is a great way to combat this. Some dehumidifiers use a desiccant to draw out moisture overnight. Others use a UV light to dry and sanitize hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Accessories for Technology

Television, cell phones, computers – technology is part of our daily lives. However, many people with hearing loss often have trouble hearing while talking on the phone or watching tv. Today, there are many hearing aid accessories that make interacting with technology easier for hearing aid wearers.

Bluetooth Streaming Devices

Many new hearing devices are already Bluetooth compatible, making it easy to connect wirelessly to your devices. This gives you the ability to connect directly to other Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as cell phones, televisions, and even vehicles. Once your hearing aids are paired with your device, you can stream audio directly from the device to your ears. If you spend a lot of time using a computer or other device, you’ll appreciate the convenience of Bluetooth streaming devices.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices can help your hearing aid work better in specialized listening environments, such as classrooms, conference rooms, sport venues, and theaters. Some pair with your landline telephone to make it Bluetooth-compatible. Others vibrate to wake you in the morning or alert you when your doorbell rings.

Hearing Aid Apps

Many hearing aid manufacturers are creating apps for Android and Apple devices which pair with your hearing aid. Through these apps, the user can adjust the volume, stream audio, manage tinnitus symptoms, and even locate a lost hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Accessories You Cannot Go Without


Not surprisingly, batteries make our list of “must-have” hearing aid accessories. Anyone who’s ever been stranded without backup batteries for their hearing aid can tell you how important they are! Unless your hearing aid uses rechargeable batteries, you need an ongoing supply of disposable hearing aid batteries.

The Right Audiologist

While your audiologist may not necessarily be considered a “hearing aid accessory,” he or she will certainly make a difference in the function, lifespan, and convenience of your hearing aid. From routine maintenance and adjustments to helping you find the right device and accessories for your lifestyle, your audiologist is an “accessory” you simply cannot do without.

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