Hearing Aid Styles

Are you looking for a great hearing aid that will help you hear in challenging listening situations as well as in your own living room? We’ve got you covered with the best in hearing aid styles and brands that will fit every lifestyle, hearing need, and budget. Whisper Hearing Centers offers a wide variety of hearing aid styles, colors and levels of technology to improve your hearing, and we offer everything from small devices that fit discreetly into your ear canal, to comfortable behind the ear devices you’ll love.

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Hearing Aid Selection

With all the choices, selecting a hearing aid can be daunting, but it’s never been easier at Whisper Hearing Centers where our dedicated team of hearing health specialists will help you get the right device. Factors to consider include your degree of hearing loss, type of hearing loss, previous amplification experience, and manual dexterity. We’ll also consider your level of hearing loss, your budget, and your lifestyle and listening needs when helping you select the best device for you.


Hearing Aid Styles

When it comes to finding the right hearing aids, you’ll need to consider hearing aids styles, and choose the one what best fits your hearing needs and lifestyle.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

When selecting hearing aids, you’ll need to determine if you want devices with standard batteries, or rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids will save you a lot of hassle, and with a nightly charge, you’ll have a full day of power. We work with several manufactures that have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that provide power for even the most severe hearing loss and streaming programs.

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