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“Nancy George was professional, helpful, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and truly delightful to deal with. She was positive in her approach to those needing hearing aids. I highly recommend her and Whisper Hearing Centers.”

Elmer R.

“I have been very satisfied with my experience with Amber Myers at the Kokomo Whisper Hearing Centers. She is so knowledgeable and has made my experience with hearing aids much easier. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Della J.

“My hearing aids are all I hoped they would be. I am having a great experience. I would encourage anyone with hearing difficulties to try them. The audiologist was very professional and gave every fine consideration. She answered all my questions. It was a very comfortable experience.”

David P.

“Colleen Watson is a wonderfully competent professional. She was friendly, thorough, helpful, and clearly knowledgeable throughout the testing, fitting, & purchasing process.”

Dave H.

“Don’t wait! Hear what you have been missing. The service was quick and complete. Cindi did a great job with testing and fitting for both ears. I just can’t express how it has changed my life. I hear sounds that I never knew were there.”

Danny T.

“Dr. Shannon Austin is an outstanding doctor and person. She is very knowledgeable in the testing and all the hearing equipment. My wife and I both wear hearing aids fit by Dr. Austin. We feel very comfortable because of her knowledge and that she takes the time to answer all of our questions in a way that we understand all the technology associated with hearing aids. “

Billie S.

“From my first appointment at Whisper Hearing Centers in 2010 to my latest appointment in July 2016. I have been treated with kindness and respect. I have been given suggestions and choices about how to improve my hearing, but never have I been pressured or pushed into anything. Thank you, Whisper Hearing Centers!”

Jill R.

“Whisper Hearing Centers gave me one of my major senses back! I can’t even imagine someone not wanting to improve upon their ability to hear and enjoy life. As my audiologist was teaching me how to insert the hearing aid, I could immediately hear her voice more clearly and I am so thankful for that! It is a part of my life now. I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without my contact lenses or glasses and now my hearing aid is equally as important.”

Vickie P.

“My hearing is extremely important. I have always known it, but when I realized that a co-worker of mine was actually missing parts of conversations, that did it. I made up my mind that if I ever noticed even a hint of hearing loss that I was going to get hearing aids. Finally that time came. I started noticing that now I was missing parts of conversations. Since I am totally blind, I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any lip reading. I got my first set of hearing aids from Whisper Hearing Centers about nine years ago. After trying a couple of different models, I went with Oticon. I’m on my second set now, and they are even better than the first! I hear pretty much everything including my wife’s exasperated sighs. People like Kelly McCain at Whisper actually always have me looking forward to my next visit. Her knowledge and patience are second to none. Hearing aids are a major investment. The people at Whisper Hearing Centers know this. It’s all about customer satisfaction, and they do it right. That’s why I have and will continue to recommend Whisper Hearing Centers.”

Bernie Eagan, B105.7

“I want to thank you and the staff at Whisper Hearing Centers for fitting me with the Oticon hearing aids. The Oticon performance overy my previous hearing aids is fantastic! I have turned off the “closed caption” function on the T.V. It’s like comparing a horse and buggie to a space shuttle.”

J.C. Parker

My audiologist was professional, helpful, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and truly delightful to deal with. She was positive in her approach to those needing hearing aids. I highly recommend her and Whisper Hearing Centers

Elmer R.

“I had my hearing tested at one of the Whisper Hearing Centers here in Indy. When I first put on my new hearing aids, I could not believe what I heard (and what I had been missing). My hearing loss is like trying to read in a dimly lit room. I can hear most things, but I really have to strain. My new hearing aids are so small, my friends and co-workers don’t even know I am wearing them. So my lip reading days are gone!”

Kevin Freeman, WFMS


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