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Dr. Shannon Austin is an outstanding doctor and person. She is very knowledgeable in the testing and all the hearing equipment. My wife and I both wear hearing aids fit by Dr. Austin. We feel very comfortable because of her knowledge and that she takes the time to answer all of our questions in a way that we understand all the technology associated with hearing aids.

Billie S.

I guess I do not have to say much more than “yes, I am a happy customer/client/patient,” but allow me to say why I am so. This is now my second set of Oticon hearing aids. My first pair is perhaps eight years old. They are doing fine so far as that goes. Older technology, but serviceable. During my annual checkup with Connie Kitch, I learned of new technology from Oticon and asked to try a loaner pair of instruments. I was sold immediately. I like the clarity and sensitivity these instruments provide. My newfound ability to hear phone conversations right through the hearing aid via Bluetooth is terrific! Connie was able to create a second program that allows me to hear birdsongs in a very high register. As a birder, I had about given up on being able to locate warblers unless I could see them. I can now hear and locate some very high-pitched singers. It has given me back something I thought I would never again enjoy. Some of my satisfaction is because of the devices, of course. I can’t separate from the equation Connie’s care for me. She is patient with my endless questions, tries tenaciously to solve problems to my contentment, and is my advocate when I need help from the manufacturer. I trust Connie’s advice and rely on her experience and training. I don’t know that I am that comfortable with all my healthcare providers. Without delay, I bought the new instruments because they worked just as she said they would. Thank you for this chance to praise Connie and to comment on the Oticon instruments I am now happily using. You may freely quote me (accurately) on anything I have written.

David W.

Colleen treats me as though I was her mother with a hearing problem. Her main concern is ME HEARING WELL and goes about making that happen! Thank you Colleen, for making me feel as though I was one of your family members! You really care!

Jill R.

I had no idea how by my hearing was. When I take the hearing aids out at night it’s like someone shuts off a volume switch. I’m hearing noises I didn’t know existed.

Ron G.

With having trouble with my Lyric hearing Aids, Colleen switched me to the new (In-the-Ear) rechargeable Livio Edge AI Hearing Aids from Starkey. Oh what a difference!! I love modern technology!! I can even specify Contacts to have The Aids call through the Thrive App; if the Aids have detected that I have fallen.

PS. Colleen, I was able to find and install the Thrive App from the Google Play Store. When I started the App, if automatically found both hearing aids via Bluetooth. I can now adjust the volume of either or both Aids, mute, and even view the battery charge that is still left in both hearing aids. Double clicking in the Volume Box/Window always brings me back to your preset preferences. Thank you, Colleen, for perfectly presetting the preferences.

Gerald Allan Achor

From my first appointment at Whisper Hearing Centers in 2010 to my latest appointment in July 2016. I have been treated with kindness and respect. I have been given suggestions and choices about how to improve my hearing, but never have I been pressured or pushed into anything. Thank you, Whisper Hearing Centers!

Jill R.

I love my Oticon hearing aids!! I want to thank Oticon & Whisper Hearing Centers – hugely for providing folks like me a real addition to our quality of life! Missing so much in conversation and form media automatically insurances us that we will not be a part of the world around us, and that is frightening as well as embarrassing. This product is really a life-changer!

Months after being fit with my hearing aids, I love to report that I have had zero concerns and zero problems. I actually forget they are in at times and find myself climbing into bed with them still in my ears.

They are doing everything that sweet, knowledgeable, most helpful Colleen Watson at Whisper Hearing Centers told me they’d do.

Georgia S.

I was very happy with my initial inquiry for hearing aids. Brenda was very patient and thorough in her expectation of the use of hearing aids. I feel I have adjusted well to my new hearing aids.

Susan M.

My husband’s audiologist, Tricia Mandelbaum, has given us great service. She listens to our concerns, is quick to return calls and gets us on the schedule quickly when there is a problem. We never feel rushed. He is very satisfied with his new aids. He has been her patient for several years. She takes into consideration that his hearing also affects me.

Kathy F.

I just upgraded to a new set of Oticon Opn S 1 miniRITE hearing aids from 5 plus year old Oticon set. These are 100% better plus have added features. I have always worked with Connie Kitch and she has always been an outstanding professional and easy person to work with. Her recommendations have always been right on. I would not hesitate to recommend both Connie and Whisper Hearing Centers to anyone if I am asked

Thomas B.

Nancy George was professional, helpful, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and truly delightful to deal with. She was positive in her approach to those needing hearing aids. I highly recommend her and Whisper Hearing Centers.

Elmer R.

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Copeland since age five. She’s had three sets of tubes, tonsils, and adenoids removed. She’s worn two hearing aids since her bilateral Mondini malformation diagnosis at age 5; a developmental hearing loss birth defect. On May 30th she had bilateral cochlear implant surgey! June 13th her cochlear implants were turned on! OH MY… what a WONDERFUL, AMAZING DAY! My 16 year old daughter can now hear! I cannot sing high enough praises to Whisper Hearing Centers! Everyone is friendly, helpful, encouraging and absolutely AMAZING! Dr. Copeland is top notch. Barb (audiologist) is absolutely the BEST. If you have any hearing issues, I cannot recommend a better place to receive treatment. The entire staff wants you to hear what you’re missing!

Lynn K.

I’m so happy with my new hearing aids! What a difference they make! I didn’t realize my ears were so bad until I bought the hearing aids. Colleen was such a big help and so professional.

Linda W.

Whisper Hearing Centers gave me one of my major senses back! I can’t even imagine someone not wanting to improve upon their ability to hear and enjoy life. As my audiologist was teaching me how to insert the hearing aid, I could immediately hear her voice more clearly and I am so thankful for that! It is a part of my life now. I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without my contact lenses or glasses and now my hearing aid is equally as important.

Vickie P.

My experience at WHISPER HEARING CENTERS exceeded my expectations. The PHONAK 70 ADVANCED BINAURAL VOICESTREAM TECHNOLOGY worked fantastic

I have had deteriorating hearing for at least 5 years. I have put off checking into hearing aids because I heard so many stories about them not helping much because they pick up too much background noise.

I first visited the Whisper Hearing Center in Carmel Indiana, January 31, 1pm. There I was treated by Amy Schroeder. I have never had any medical professional spend so much time with me as Dr. Schroeder did. Dr. Schroeder was very thorough about measuring my hearing and determining my options for treatment. She then spent an extraordinary amount of time explaining the many different types of hearing aid options for me to consider. She never pressured me the slightest in any direction. She explained the pros and cons of each option in very simple terms. Once I decided that I wanted to go the direction of PHONAK BINAURAL VOICESTREAM TECHNOLOGY. Dr. Schroeder then thoroughly explained the differences between the 4 levels of technology to choose from. I chose to try the 3rd level, 70 Advanced. 1 level from the highest level of technology. I was very pleased with the Blue Tooth connection to my phone, which allowed me to clearly hear phone calls in very noisy environments and also to stream music from my phone directly into my ears. The second night that I was wearing them was very convincing. I was working about 8 feet from a very large noisy air compressor, with 3 guys working with me. I could clearly hear their conversation. First time I’ve been able to experience such clear hearing of conversation in such a noisy environment in many years.
I also serve in the High School Youth ministry at our church. About 75 High School students hanging out, playing games and Foosball on several noisy tables, music, laughing, carrying on like typical excited teenagers. Lots of commotion from all directions. It is very easy for me to participate in conversation. Something I have not been able to do in many years.

I highly recommend Whisper Hearing Centers.


These hearing aids are SO superior to previous ones: easy to put one, recharge, and clean. Sound is terrific, blocking out most background noise. I don’t have to change my middle name to “Huh?” now because I can hear clearly!

Deb J.

Hearing great after a year of hearing poorly!


I love the Phonak CROS device. It completely changed my life. I’m hearing things at distances that I can’t believe. I would encourage anyone to try them. They have helped me change people’s perception of me. No longer am I the aloof, disengaged person because now I can hear them.

Patrick P.

The best experience I have had buying hearing aids. This is my 4th pair.

Jay Edwards

He didn’t want hearing aids at all. I convinced him to try some. He is very very happy with his hearing aids and now doesn’t want to go without them. He hears everything now and feels more included in group conversations.

Shirley S.

I had a great experience when getting my hearing aids due to Connie Kitch’s experience, expertise and an over desire to provide me with the best hearing aid to fit my needs. I truly appreciate her dedication and compassion.

Rebecca F.

I have worn hearing aids for over ten years but never received the genuine care and expert guidance I received from the Avon office of Whisper Hearing Centers, more specifically Dr. Austin. I’m extremely happy with my new hearing aids and pleased to have come to know about Whisper Hearing Centers.

Lowell W.

I’ve been with Whisper Hearing Centers since 2015 getting state-of-the art aids for the first time then. Tricia is my audiologist, she has worked personally and intentionally to solve my hearing difficulties. She went above and beyond to solve issues (of my own making) with the aids. She has listened to my complaints and whining and done everything she could to help and let me know when she had done all science knew to do. At one check up I’d had an unusual decrease in hearing in one ear and she could send me directly down the hall to see an ENT for an exam. She has helped me learn that hearing is done by the brain which interprets the sound and not actually the ears that just collect the sound. This year she introduced me to the newest hearing aids that had made mine obsolete and now I am learning to hear far better than ever. Thank you, Tricia.


My experience with Whisper Hearing Centers has been excellent! Connie is a very professional audiologist. She goes beyond her call to make sure her patients are satisfied with the care she gives!

Glenda C.

I am so pleased with my new hearing aids – it’s great to be able to hear and not say “What?” all the time. My husband appreciates my new “ears” too! Thank you Heather!

Linda M.

My hearing had diminished and my tinnitus was to the point of maddening. The high pitched continuous noise was starting to affect my personal as well as my professional life. A friend told me of Whisper Hearing Centers and suggested I see Shannon at the Avon location. I was almost embarrassed to tell Shannon that the high pitched whining noise had changed to birds chirping. She smiled and said that’s not unusual at all. I tried several demo pairs over the next few weeks and purchased the Starkey model that synced with my iPhone. I haven’t looked back and my tinnitus is no longer a problem. Customer service is always on one’s mind when making important purchases. Great product… great customer service… and Shannon’s smile… the trifecta!

Michael H.

Connie Kitch at Whisper Center did a thorough examination.

Betty P.

I would like to let you know about the manner in which Sarah treated me. She was very kind and respectful to me. She was very knowledgeable concerning my needs.

I have been a patient of Whisper Hearing Centers for over five years and have received consistently exceptional service. From the front office staff to the physicians. Because I depend on my hearing aids for my profession, it is especially important that I have rapid turnaround for any needed repairs. Julie Bower at the Indy – Downtown location has been especially helpful in often providing same day adjustments. I heartily recommend Whisper Hearing Centers!

John N.

This is just wonderful. I’m sixty years old and I can hear things I’ve never been able to hear. Things I never knew existed! I can hear two conversations at once and understand every word! And in the wind and noisy hollow places. I have even wished I hadn’t heard some things. Ha! But my quality of life is 100% improved. Thank God and Whisper Hearing Centers..

Susan A.

The staff and audiologists were great! Tricia M. was attentive to my skepticism about hearing aids and made me feel comfortable with the equipment.

Patrick T.

Colleen was an excellent doctor… patient, thorough, caring. I have the highest praise for her!

Michael M.

Do not let your pride influence getting good hearing healthcare. Whisper Hearing Centers truly helped me.

Harold S.

I’ve had the aids for a couple of years now and can’t imagine my life without them. The difference is staggering. I hear rain drops and footsteps, sounds I had completely forgotten. They’re a real life changer.

Patrick P.

Colleen was the best!!

Bonnie S.

Today I left my house early and in a hurry forgetting to wear my hearing aids. I was surprised to feel like I was missing something really important and I wished I had remembered to wear them. Of course, I did not hear as well.

Harriet F.

Colleen did a great job. My hearing aids are just wonderful. Thank you so much!

Beatrice C.

I would highly recommend Whisper Hearing Centers. My audiologist, Colleen, was very patient and professional, while being friendly. I appreciated the trial periods to help me select the hearing aid that was best suited for me. I am very pleased.

Linda M.

Brenda and her Audiology doctoral extern were very knowledgeable and strived to furnish me with all info I needed about my new hearing aids. They were friendly and strived to make me feel comfortable about the change I would be facing. Brenda stressed all I had to do is call if I have any questions/problems.

Faye P.

Colleen was kind, helpful, professional, and well informed. She did not try to influence me to buy a hearing aid – but left the decision entirely up to me. She answered all my questions and made sure that I got the right hearing aid for my needs. I highly recommend both Colleen and Whisper Hearing Centers. There was no pressure or stress – very professional and reasonably priced.

Jaci T.

Everyone cares about their job and doing whatever it takes to make sure the patient is good with his or her hearing aids. Thank you so much.

Ross H.

I have been a patient at Whisper Hearing Centers for over six years. I have always been extremely happy with the care and service. I always recommend Whisper Hearing Centers to my friends.

Janet D.

The staff at Whisper Hearing, especially Nancy George, makes each visit pleasant and informative. Time is taken to explain each option well. Growing concern for the patient, me, is displayed and all of the professionalism is balanced with good humor.

Patricia W.

I have been going to Whisper Hearing for more than 10 years and have been very pleased with the service and follow-up with the hearing aids. Being able to hear and interact with family and friends. Attending activities is most important to individuals as we age. I am glad for their help- Kelly and Mallory.

Kathryn R.

My hearing is extremely important. I have always known it, but when I realized that a co-worker of mine was actually missing parts of conversations, that did it. I made up my mind that if I ever noticed even a hint of hearing loss that I was going to get hearing aids. Finally that time came. I started noticing that now I was missing parts of conversations. Since I am totally blind, I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any lip reading. I got my first set of hearing aids from Whisper Hearing Centers about nine years ago. After trying a couple of different models, I went with Oticon. I’m on my second set now, and they are even better than the first! I hear pretty much everything including my wife’s exasperated sighs. People like Kelly McCain at Whisper actually always have me looking forward to my next visit. Her knowledge and patience are second to none. Hearing aids are a major investment. The people at Whisper Hearing Centers know this. It’s all about customer satisfaction, and they do it right. That’s why I have and will continue to recommend Whisper Hearing Centers.

Bernie Eagan, B105.7

I love my new hearing aids. They are so much better than the old ones I had. These are like normal hearing again. I love working with Connie, she’s great.

Judith M.

Colleen Watson is a wonderfully competent professional. She was friendly, thorough, helpful, and clearly knowledgeable throughout the testing, fitting, & purchasing process.

Dave H.

I had the best experience getting my hearing aids. Amber is so professional and cooperative. Everything was explained clearly and I love my new hearing aids. It’s great not to have to figure out what people are saying. Now I can HEAR.

K. S.

Whisper Hearing Centers gave me one of my major senses back! I can’t even imagine someone not wanting to improve upon their ability to hear and enjoy life. As Shannon was teaching me how to insert the hearing aid, I could immediately hear her voice more clearly and I am so thankful for that! It is a part of my life now. I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without my contact lenses or glasses and now my hearing aid is equally as important.

Vickie P.

Connie Kitch did a fantastic job of fitting me with the hearing aids, showing me and letting me insert the hearing aids and explaining how to care for them. I highly recommend her for this function.

William Carr

Connie Kitch is patient and very willing to make adjustments to the hearing aids in follow up. Very satisfied!

Rosemary C.

Brenda did a great job explaining everything to my husband and me. She provided excellent information and answered all our questions.

Peggy H.

Don’t wait! Hear what you have been missing. The service was quick and complete. Cindi did a great job with testing and fitting for both ears. I just can’t express how it has changed my life. I hear sounds that I never knew were there.

Danny T.

Colleen Watson and the staff at her location are great to work with. They are very responsive to hearing aid problems. They are always pleasant. This is my 2nd set of hearing aids and I am very happy with the product!

Isaac Richard Horen

Love, love, love the hearing aids. They work great! Truly life changing. Heather has been awesome! Glad we came here.

Ron M.

I had my hearing tested at one of the Whisper Hearing Centers here in Indy. When I first put on my new hearing aids, I could not believe what I heard (and what I had been missing). My hearing loss is like trying to read in a dimly lit room. I can hear most things, but I really have to strain. My new hearing aids are so small, my friends and co-workers don’t even know I am wearing them. So my lip reading days are gone!

Kevin Freeman, WFMS

I really was afraid to admit that I needed hearing aids. So I went to Whisper Hearing Centers and was pleasantly surprised that I needed hearing aids. There was no pressure to get them. We discussed all of my options and the different kinds of hearing devices. I thought I wanted a certain one, but after I got it decided that I didn’t like it… NO problem, I changed to a different style at NO more cost and I have been very happy with them. I never want to leave home without them!

Rose G.

Amber at Whisper Hearing Centers in Kokomo is by far the best, most patient audiologist that I have worked with for hearing aids. She was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She never made me feel pressured into buying hearing aids, allowing me to try different types and brands. I highly recommend Amber.

Karen E.

My wife had been after me for years to get my hearing tested. I did about two years ago – I wasn’t terrible, but not good! So I got retested August 31st and it was bad! Cindi Butler fitted me with a “demo” hearing aid and it was magical. I could hear sounds I hadn’t heard… locust are loud… did you know geese’s honks sound different? The blinker on my truck… microwave beeps… etc! Best of all the ringing in my ears is negligible – what a relief! Thank you Cindi and Whisper Hearing Centers! P.S. I was tested Aug 31st and got my new hearing aids the next day! Super!

Phillip H.

I have been very satisfied with my experience with Amber Myers at the Kokomo Whisper Hearing Centers. She is so knowledgeable and has made my experience with hearing aids much easier. I would recommend her to anyone.

Della J.

I have only had my hearing aids 4 days, but I can hear so much better! I foresee this only getting better. Everyone in the office was professional and knowledgeable as well as being friendly. It was a good experience from beginning to present. I definitely would recommend them.

Vicki Brooks

My newest set of Oticon hearing aids have truly transformed my life. While using the incredible devices, my hearing is perfect and everything sounds natural. Having Bluetooth capability allows me to listen to music, effortlessly speak on my cellphone, hear driving instructions via GPS and simply enjoy life to the fullest. Brenda and Kara are the best!

Howard L.

I have been hearing impaired since 4 yrs of age and utilized hearing aids and services my entire life. Practitioners included many locations as we moved about. However, NONE OF THEM were as superb as Whisper Hearing Center’s Carly Yoder at the U of I West Hospital’s Whisper Hearing Center in Avon, IN.
She is simply an amazing, knowledgeable and gifted practitioner. Professional yet personal..
Her skills have put me back to work as a retired preacher doing Bible studies and supply preaching. God bless her!!

Michael Curtis

I want to thank you and the staff at Whisper Hearing Centers for fitting me with the Oticon hearing aids. The Oticon performance overy my previous hearing aids is fantastic! I have turned off the “closed caption” function on the T.V. It’s like comparing a horse and buggie to a space shuttle.

J.C. Parker

Whisper Hearing Centers have consistently provided outstanding service and support from the beginning. Brenda Schrager could not have been more helpful or supportive in making this change. I have had hearing aids since 2005. I originally was against using them. Yes they took some time for me to adjust. I didn’t realize how much I was missing and how I was being perceived by my colleagues. I retired in 2005. These hearing aids have extended my consulting career over 10 years. (I couldn’t do this job without them) I thought the previous hearing aids were amazing, but these new hearing aids are truly remarkable.

Robert M.

Very happily surprised with the entire process. Staring with Audiologist Ms. Brenda Savader, that guided me through the testing to the fitting process of the Oticon hearing Aids. I haven’t heard this well since I was a teen, thank you for your incredible service.

John Serban

The decision to seek assistance with my loss of hearing was long time in coming. With the assistance of my family, I made the commitment to seek help. The process of selecting a hearing aid provider was an involved process. We finally selected Whisper Hearing Centers at IU Health in Carmel, Indiana. Our initial meeting with Dr. Valerie Ball was productive and informative. In addition the testing done by Brenda Schrager, MA, CCC-A was professional and complete. The hearing test indicated I needed hearing aids in both ears. After an initial period with loaner hearing aids, it was decided to go with Phonak aids. Overall we are very pleased with the professionalism and caring attitude of the entire staff. We would recommend Whisper Hearing Centers at IU Health to anyone seeking assistance with their hearing challenges.

Charles L.

I can’t say enough good things about Whisper Hearing Center and Connie who is the best person for the job. She was so kind to my mom and I remember her saying its quality of life not quantity. My mom couldn’t hear and felt left out. The audiologists always answered and fixed problems. Everyone in the office was very kind.

Judy K.

My hearing aids are all I hoped they would be. I am having a great experience. I would encourage anyone with hearing difficulties to try them. The audiologist was very professional and gave every fine consideration. She answered all my questions. It was a very comfortable experience.

David P.

Connie Kitch has been my audiologist for the past 28 years. I cannot praise her enough; she’s very present, kind, and knowledgeable. My experience with Whisper Hearing Centers has been of the finest quality.

James H.