Here’s what you need to know about your first hearing evaluation

Living with hearing problems is difficult. It can keep you away from activities you enjoy and make it hard to communicate with the people around you. But what can you do to minimize hearing problems and how do you find out if your hearing concerns are treatable? The first step in identifying hearing loss is to seek care from the team of professionals at Whisper Hearing Centers where every provider is a licensed audiologist with a master’s or doctorate degree. At Whisper Hearing Centers, you’ll get a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation including expert advice on how to treat your hearing concerns. Read on to learn all you need to know about your first hearing evaluation with Whisper Hearing Centers.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

Hearing evaluations are a painless way to assess someone for hearing loss. During your initial appointment with Whisper Hearing, one of our licensed audiologists will perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation which includes discussing the issues and problems you’re facing, looking into your ears using an otoscope and checking your hearing with simple, noninvasive diagnostic tests. Throughout the exam, your audiologist will make sure you’re comfortable and will explain the process as the appointment progresses.

Most hearing evaluations take place in a sound proof booth so disruptive noises are kept to a minimum. Your audiologist will then give you instructions on how to respond to a series of words and various tones played through headphones or insert earbuds connected to an audiometer. When you hear a sound, you will be asked to press a button or raise your hand.

What should I do next?

When the hearing evaluation is complete, your audiologist will take the time to clearly explain the results and answer any questions. Should we find evidence of hearing loss, we will discuss your options for better hearing and make recommendations for treatment. We will discuss any questions or concerns you have, and if appropriate, give you information on the types of hearing devices best suited for your situation.

So why wait any longer? If you think you might have even a small degree of hearing loss, schedule an appointment with Whisper Hearing Centers today and let’s work together to get you hearing better.

Understanding my hearing test results

When you have your hearing checked by one of the licensed audiologists at Whisper Hearing Centers, your results will be recorded on a form called an audiogram, which the audiologist will review with you. The audiogram shows your hearing results in frequencies and decibels. Your audiologist will review the type, pattern and degree of hearing as well as your ability to understand speech.

Once your level and classification of loss is defined, your audiologist will relate your hearing concerns with your results for the best recommendations for treatment. For more information on how Whisper Hearing Centers can help you, call us today and talk to the experts. We’re here to help you hear better!